Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Had Written 25 Posts For This Blog!

After weeks of stressful hard work and very little sleep, I need an excuse to celebrate.  What better reason than the fact that I had actually written 25 blog posts for this blog during my few nightly hours away from my stressful day job.  Writing on this blog had helped me tolerate my job a little better. So, if you don't like your job, or your boss, start a blog to distract yourself from the misery! It totally worked for me.

Since my short few weeks' absence from this blog, I had gotten my translation service going and I had obtained 2 clients. Yes, 2 clients.  No, I didn't get my clients from this blog or social media or from the new professional website that I built myself.  Yes, I built my business website myself.  I don't know when and how I learnt to do it. But somehow, since I began blogging here, I manage enough to build a professional looking website for my translation service. Yet I got my clients not because of the effort I spent blogging or socializing on Twitter. My clients came to me through the old fashion way, during one of my restaurant visits and during one of my shopping errands.  I started chatting with some strangers there, and then the strangers became clients.  

I also started my own online store recently.  Another website I built myself.  I haven't quite figured out how that will work out for me.  But hopefully it will start generating some sales.  But yes, I still keep my grueling day job because my part-time businesses haven't yet generated enough income for me to quit just yet.  No, I didn't tell anybody at work or even my family about my side businesses.  I just want to succeed and fail on my own terms without the pressure from others' opinions.

Yes, I had done a lot during the last few weeks, both for my day job, and my part-time businesses.  The drawback is I haven't been getting enough sleep.  Naturally, all these hard work of mine deserves the celebration.

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